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You start with an idea and go from there

                               And, you finish with a solution.

Here the family room is seen using a 3D simulation, or you can take a tour by going to YouTube (click here)

 The photo represents what you will see as you go out onto the terrace

                              The photo shows a contempory design solution to consider. 

 A photo shows the front door illuminated approaching from the street. 

              A S I A N   A R C H I T E C T U R E:

  - the use of color to accent a space 


                               - creating warm inviting space

  - using a glass wall to expand the interior outdoors

                                           - balance of the kitchen with the interior design


The project's success comes from the integral relationship  between the interior spaces and their outdoor counterparts, reflecting always an attractive visual orientation. The interior spaces are divided among the living or gathering areas and those more private areas used for resting, dressing, and bathing.

The final elements of a success interior comes from well designed details,.and a compliment of form and function.                                              

SQ3 presents a look at our portfolio ( click image ).

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